Player Waiver

This Player Waiver form is ONLY for players that are being added to a roster for the current season of the Arizona NABA Fall/Winter League.  This is NOT for guys just trying to get onto a team or for players coming to Arizona to play in the world series, or in any other leagues.  Do NOT fill this out if you’re not on a roster for the local Arizona NABA league.


Arizona NABA Player Waiver

Warranty of Player's Fitness

The undersigned (hereinafter, “the Player”) hereby represents and warrants to the Arizona National Adult Baseball Association (“AZNABA”) (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “League”) that he is at least eighteen (18) years of age, is in good physical condition and that he has no impairment or ailment preventing him from safely engaging in the activities of the League. The undersigned is aware that there are risks of playing baseball and Player is willing to assume all of those risks. Player understands that AZNABA is organized for team competition during the season. Player is hereby notified and understands that during the playing season , AZNABA allows Players of all ages, without limitation, to play (subject, of course, to compliance with all designated and applicable rules of play), for any duly registered team. Therefore, Player may find himself competing during the season with and/or against Players that are younger than Player. Any potential age discrepancies inherent is such Player’s voluntary and informed participation. I, the undersigned, hereby depose, state and declare as of the date set forth below, as follows:

Absolute Release of Liability

In consideration of being permitted to participate in the activities of the League, in any manner, including but not limited to playing, practicing, coaching, watching or being on the field or in spectator areas for any purpose whatsoever, and fully understanding that participation in the game of baseball includes the risk of serious personal injury or even death, the undersigned Player fully and absolutely assumes full responsibility for the risk of injury or death due to participation, weather conditions, playing conditions (including, without limitation, the type of bases, plates, balls, bats and fences and equipment whether provided by the Player or the League) actions directly or indirectly of other participants, of any magnitude, and does hereby forever absolutely release, remise and forever discharge even for their own negligence or willful misconduct, and agrees to hold harmless, the League, NABA, all government bodies, lessor’s and/or landowners that may sanction or permit the participation in the game of baseball, all League and NABA Directors, Officers, servants, employees, and agents or any organization, association or group affiliated therewith, and all other participants in games or other activities, public officials, volunteers, game officials, other Players, and sponsors from all claims, rights or causes of action for damage, injury or death whatsoever, of any kind, now or in the future. This release of liability by Player of any other Player does not include release or waiver of any claim or cause of action by one Player against another Player for any criminal, grossly negligent or other willful misconduct resulting in personal injury or death.

Player's Participation in National Tournaments and Local Leagues

The Player recognizes, as a member and participant of this organization, the authority of the Board of Directors of the NABA and/or AZNABA to determine and enforce their respective organizational policies. The Player agrees to abide by all Rules and Regulations as set forth by the AZNABA and NABA Board of Directors. Failure by the Player to abide by all Rules and Regulations could result in their own suspension or expulsion from AZNABA or NABA leagues and possibly forfeit their Team of all games in which such Rules and Regulations were not satisfied.

Limitations of Liability

The Player shall participate in the League’s programs and/or use of any of the League’s facilities, services or equipment at his own risk. The Player waives any and all claims, of whatsoever kind or nature, that may arise against the League as a result of the Player’s participation in either the AZNABA’s or the NABA’s recreational baseball program. The player realizes that there is no guaranteed playing time on any given team, associated with regular season or tournament play. There is no refund of any payment. The Player also acknowledges recognition of all of the League rules forbidding any deviation of “helmet” requirements (the rule being that all batters and runners must wear helmets at all times) and the rule restricting a base runner’s need to slide, is at their own risk. The AZNABA has elected to make insurance coverage available to teams within the AZNABA. Such teams may provide the Player with accidental injury insurance as provided on a local level by the AZNABA and its insurance brokerage company (“Insurance Coverage”) depending upon the prerequisite of the player and the team conform to the requirements or warrantees whatsoever about the Insurance Coverage, provide any comments to the quality or amount of the insurance coverage except to confirm that the AZNABA has arranged for payment of the premium to the Insurance Company for such Insurance Coverage to be in force for the League. Any team manager who does not properly execute the matters of the waiver will hold the League harmless from all costs associated with their failure. The Player’s contract for medical or accidental injury insurance through this program is solely between the Player, their team and the Insurance Coverage. Coverage may be provided so long as the player has signed this waiver with their team before any activity has begun on any team event and the Player has paid their team dues and the player is added to the team roster on the League website, before the event which would have given reason for a claim. A Player may request reimbursement from the insurance so long as he is expected to be covered. There are no other intended or unintended third party beneficiaries of the Insurance Coverage. The Player may have benefits of the Insurance Coverage so long as: (i) the Player has signed this waiver form before the event requiring coverage, and (ii) the Player is on the Team roster as shown on the AZNABA website before the player is injured, and (iii) this waiver form is duly submitted to the AZNABA within 5 days after the player first participates in a game or practice, and (iv) the Player is in good standing with the Team and the AZNABA, and (v) the Player has paid the agreed upon amount to Team, and (vi) the Team has paid all required amounts to AZNABA and has complied with all of the above to demonstrate their qualification for coverage, and (vii) the Player completes all required forms requested by the insurance company. This Insurance Coverage does not, in any way, preclude or prohibit the Player from purchasing his own medical and/or accidental insurance coverage in the Player’s own sole and absolute discretion. I, the Player, have read this release and understand that it is an absolute and unconditional release and waiver of liability (except as set forth herein) and I freely and voluntarily accept its terms and understand it is binding upon me, my successors, heirs, spouse and assigns.

2024 AZNABA Covid-19 Waiver Addendum

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